<strong>Strategic</strong> Marketing

Case Study : Delaware Children’s Museum

To maintain media interest in the Delaware Children’s Museum after the Grand Opening interest began to dwindle, the Strongpoint® team was approached to keep the buzz going. New events, such as an Election Day kids’ vote, “Play Date” parents’ night out and New Year’s Rockin’ Noon, were developed to capture the community’s interest, as well as the attention of the media.

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Case Study : Delaware Children’s Museum

<strong>Strategic</strong> Marketing

Delaware parents were excited in 2010 by the opening of a brand, spanking new facility located at Wilmington’s growing Riverfront area, home to the local AAA baseball team, good restaurants, and the Delaware Children’s Museum. The local media was all over the story, touting how children’s museums combine play and learning into enrichment for kids of all backgrounds and ages. But, as museums across the country find out all the time, the newness factor doesn’t sustain media attention, visits and membership, and it takes creativity and hard work to keep the buzz going. So the museum staff asked Strongpoint® to come out and play.

Our initial analysis showed that the DCM programs were strong and well positioned for the Delaware marketplace. But while families were familiar the museum’s standing exhibits, many weren’t aware of its ongoing programming activity, which was hampering growth and sustained traffic.

Based on the results of the SWOT analysis, a four-pronged approach was adopted:
• Develop a year-long marketing strategy with specific timelines and tactics
• Control marketing costs through review and analysis of advertising spending
• Increase attendance through creative programming and special events
• Convert walk-in traffic to returning visitors by driving membership

New events, such as an Election Day kids’ vote, “Play Date” parents’ night out and New Year’s Rockin’ Noon, were developed to capture the community’s interest, as well as the attention of the media. (The election event, on its own, resulted in a story, online photo gallery and video in The News Journal.) These and other attractions captured the local newspaper and regional website, as well as Ladies Home Journal and AAA Magazine’s Travel Zoo. Special membership marketing led to record sales weekends, including a 12-fold increase in membership sales on Black Friday weekend. A reposition of the museum’s Birthday Party packages and marketing led to two month of virtual sell out of all birthday party inventory. As we move into the next phase, the DCM/Strongpoint Marketing team focus will be on other means to take the Museum from its launch phase to sustained growth in the community.

Strategic Marketing

The marketing and communications campaigns developed by Strongpoint® are enhanced through an integrated approach including our own in-house marketing research division that helps guide and evaluate marketing campaigns. Our firm is passionate about developing strategic marketing plan and branding campaigns that deliver results. This is very important to us because when you succeed, we succeed.

We view communications strategy and planning as one of the most important components of a marketing toolbox. Successful implementation works when the objectives, strategies, messaging and tactics are aligned across an organization and all aimed at achieving the same goals.

We typically begin working with a client by conducting a visioning session, identifying what success will look like, how it will be measured and what benchmarks need to be achieved over what period of time. As well as determining what primary or secondary market research might be necessary.

Next we work with our clients to create a communications plan. The communications plan will define clearly what messaging needs to be delivered, how and to what audiences. It will help us select the key vendors that we will work with to implement and execute the plan. We become integral parts of our clients’ teams, and see ourselves as an integral part of their marketing and communications department. As a result, we tend to develop and keep long-term relationships with our clients, and we have built our firm primarily on referrals.

The Strongpoint® Advantage

  • Let us help you develop a strategic, integrated marketing plan that reaches your target audience how and where they’re looking
  • Let us help you create your marketing strategy which is the foundation for a successful marketing plan