Tips for Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan for Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to revitalize your current one, it is important to create a strategic marketing plan. This plan will help you define your goals and stay on track while reaching out to new customers. Use these tips to help you create a strategic marketing plan for your business. […]

The Role of Social Media in Modern Marketing

Word of mouth has always been considered one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Social media today is the ultimate word of mouth marketing. Getting people to connect with you online in the social arena helps spread the word about your products and services. The Real Power – Consumers in Social Media Connecting with […]

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Business

Increasing business efficiency means spending less money on business processes. This discussion is not limited just to those expensive processes that your company does once in a while, this includes the everyday processes as well. When you increase efficiency in your business, you are able to generate more profit. Outsource To Experts Is your company […]

The Rise of Social Media

Social media has come a long way since the inception of MySpace in 2003. A decade later, the once-great network doesn’t even find itself on the map. However, people connect and reconnect through Facebook, and marketers love Twitter. LinkedIn is a great place to find a new job, YouTube videos have made careers and even […]

2014 Social Media Trends

Which social networks will be thriving vs. surviving in 2014? Facebook, the giant in the room will celebrate their 10 year anniversary and continues to thrive. Google+ moves into second place with their number of monthly visitors, second only to Facebook. Foursquare’s having a hard time hanging on, while MySpace is finding its niche. LinkedIn […]

Ethics and Deceptive Internet Reviews

The phrase fake it til’ you make it has new meaning in the digital ecoscape.  Deceptive internet reviews are becoming more prevalent and companies are starting to get caught. There is a crackdown on companies and individuals who get paid to provide fake reviews (good and bad) and the companies who purchase them.  According to […]

Ethics in Data Mining

Have you ever wondered where companies got your email address or phone number to solicit their services? Companies have access to an overwhelming amount of secondary data, some of which is not all that valid. They can gather, store and search databases faster than ever before. Should you be concerned? Yes! What are the ethics […]

Ethics in how leadership view organizational responsibility

Based on PRSA’s Code of Ethics, Ethics Awareness Month seeks to inform and educate the public relations profession about ongoing issues and concerns regarding PR ethics. This article is an interesting look at leadership and how they view organizational responsibility in that role.